Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Freeze Frame

This is my workspace. That’s my temporary laptop—they’re getting me an iBook because our creatives are done in Macs.

From my window one can see Makati Med.

From afar is our building. This was taken from a block away at De La Costa Street.

The basement parking at our building—perfect location for murder and chase scenes.

Makati by night.

That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight….

Last night as I parked in the garage I glanced at my speedometer and saw the number of kilometers Orlando has traveled so far. Oooh!

ano ba to. nakita na naman kita. kahapon, you were talking to woman in the lobby of 6750 bldg where i work. palabas ako para maglunch. was that you?
Yes, that was me! We were waiting for 48 years for the security to allow our camera crew to enter the building with their equipment.

Next time if you bump into me and I'm not busy, please say "hi". I promise I won't bite, hehehe. :-)
hey McVie. This is norman, nelson's partner. I keep meaning to leave you a message here. i am looking forward to finally meeting you. every once in a while i read your blog, and i have to say i am a fan. your writing is great, and i like your attitude about life.

see you on or before the wedding... Norm.
Norm! Oooh, you honor me with your presence. (Naks!) Yeah, I'm looking forward to meeting you. Itong si Nelz kasi, madamot! Last time you were here in the Phil. he kept you away from his friends.

Or... wait a minute! Maybe he did throw a party for his friends so that they can meet you, but he purposely didn't invite me. Hmmmm....

That's the conspiracy theorist in me talking, hahaha.

See yah both soon!
how did you find out about his secret party 2 years ago? oooops, i mean, what secret party... i don't know what you are talking about. all i know is that i woke up one morning naked... but that is another story.

but yes, he did keep me away from everybody... all i got to do was talk to you and kervin briefly on the phone when we were in boracay.

so i am hoping our wedding will just be one fun party. the place we are renting seems like it should be fun.

okay, keep writing and making us all laugh.

bye. norm
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