Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Don’t you just hate it when you say something totally dorky then realize it only towards the end of your statement, making it almost impossible to cut off or take back? Yesterday at the gym I was looking for the foot powder when I noticed the guy beside me was using it. So while waiting for him to finish I decided to dry my hair first. When I looked up the powder was on the bench beside him. I got it, and as he looked up I asked, “Are you done with this?” Of course as I was saying the word “with” I glanced down at his feet and saw he was wearing shoes already. He was kind enough to just smile and reply, “Yes, I’m done.”

Duh me. Thank god he wasn’t cute.

Aba. Eh malay mo ba kung naglalagay din siya ng foot powder sa kili-kili?

Mukhang sa crotch niya--kumakambyo siya nung kinausap ko siya. (In fairness nadiyahe naman siya't dali-daling tinanggal niya ang kamay niya.)

At least wala siyang alipunga sa bayag.
Yaaaawk...! Ka-dewrssss...!
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