Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Double Take

Yesterday afternoon after lunch, while Leigh went to the 7-11 to buy her daily fix of Coke Light, I went to the photo shop to pick up the pictures I had them developed this morning. On my way up I bumped into a former classmate of my older brother. After the obligatory handshake and hellos I told him I worked on the 20th floor of the building.

“Yes, I know,” he said. “I follow your online journal.”

I did an internal double take. “Okay, right. See you!”

“Bye!” he waved as he went his way.

The moment I turned away from him I muttered under my breath, “Oh. My. God.”

You see I’ve been out to everyone except my immediate family. My policy regarding my family and relatives is simple: if they don’t ask, I won’t volunteer; but if they ask, I won’t lie. So far no one’s been asking.

So JA, if you’re reading this, well, you know what to do, okay?

Hi JA.... that may be Joel's policy.... you have your own policy... =)...hmmmmm....

Are you thinking of possibilities and opportunities you have now JA?

C is for corny.
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