Sunday, April 16, 2006

Black Saturday Night

My gulay, it is Black Saturday and I’m in Starbucks Katipunan working on a script for a Monday morning deadline. Actually I was also here yesterday, Good Friday, working on the said script. Thank god for Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. They’re open the whole of Holy Week, and they have wi-fi services.

There are no cute guys around, despite being a stone’s throw away from Ateneo and surrounded by residential areas such as Loyola Heights, Xavierville, and Loyola Grand Villas. Is everyone cute out on the beach? Nah, most probably they’re hanging out at Shakey’s and Tia Maria’s Cantina, downing bottles of beer and glasses of zombies.

Last night I dropped by F, where there were a group of guys whom I suspect are call center kids. Too bad for them they have work and can’t go to Puerto Galera aka Sodom and Gomorrah. So instead they go to F. Funny thing is the place isn’t really jumping with customers—it’s like any other weekday night. Maybe even a little less crowded, given that it’s a weekend. I swear, these 24-hr service industries are changing the social landscape and habits of the Metro.

Meanwhile our annual road trip around Laguna lake was cancelled due to my Tita from Bohol who’s staying with us during the Holy Week. Too bad—I was looking forward to taking lots and lots of road trip pictures. I’ve been having fun playing with iPhoto and iDVD. I’ve already burned two DVDs of our various family pictures in slideshows (with matching music) for my brother and his family (my nephew and niece have lots of pictures) and for my sister and her husband (they rarely pass by the house anymore, so they’d love copies of the pics). With iDVD and iMovie I’m suddenly itching to get a digital video camera! Argh! Ika nga ni Hannibal Lecter, you covet what you often see. And nowadays whenever I go to the mall the first thing I notice are all those digital cameras on display. Noooo! Must. Resist. Temptation. I’ll just have to be contented with making slideshows of our pictures in the meantime.

This is actually one of my most sedate Holy Weeks ever. Sedate daw o?! Actually it is. Even my F experience was kinda sedate, with one guy just wanting to kiss and fondle the whole time. I thought that was because he was older than me—but it turned out he was just 38 years old. Well, well, well. But then he explained that he’s currently seeing a married man with two kids, and he was feeling down cuz his boyfriend chose to spend Holy Week with his family. Heller?!

Oh well, time to log off now and head for Bed.

Have a nice Sunday J!
Uy! Parang nakita kita sa Bed kagabi.

CHOZ! Ehehe
sabi ko na nga ba nakita kita eh. =)
PHILLIP: Parang may nakita rin ako sa Bed kagabi... isang matinding... uhm... ahhh... CHOZ!

HASTYDEVIL: You should have introduced yourself. I was busy doing my best Energizer Bunny impression on the ledge in honor of Easter Sunday. Sadly, I couldn't distribute any eggs that night; I didn't have any on my hands.
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