Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Which Is Switch?

Our building is so hi-tech. There are motion sensors on every floor and every common toilet. When there’s no motion detected for several minutes, the lights are automatically switched off. When someone enters the room or floor, the lights switch back on. That’s all well and good, but there are drawbacks, as an art director of ours found out. One evening while doing overtime work he had to go to the bathroom and do number two. Since it was already late there was hardly anyone else on the floor, so he took his sweet time inside the cubicle. After several minutes of no movement as far as the sensors could detect, the bathroom was plunged into total darkness. And our art director—who is unfortunately afraid of the dark—found himself in deep shit.

The next time he went to do number two, he brought a paper airplane with him—just in case.

LOL!!! That's too funny! I have this mental image of a room going totally dark and a guy jumping up from the toilet with brown bits stuck to his bottom. :)

The paper airplane idea is genius!
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