Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Official Rustom Statement

Rustom has finally come out on national TV. Tonight “Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition” aired the tearful confession in full. He was very aware of what he was doing the whole time.

What seemingly triggered this national revelation was a curious incident involving a huge butterfly, a mariposa, fluttering around while he and Keanna were bonding outside by the duyan. According to folk belief, the mariposa is considered a manifestation of the spirit of a dearly departed one. The butterfly first landed on Rustom’s right foot, then crawled up his leg, then on to his right hand (which was resting on his right knee), and stayed for a few seconds before fluttering off, gently brushing Rustom’s face in the process. He was visibly touched by the whole thing, muttering, “Kinikilabutan ako” while the butterfly was crawling up his leg. When it flew off, he whispered after it, “Thank you, thank you.”

Then he launched into his story: when he was around 3 or 4 years old, he and his brothers were playing and for some reason they dressed him up in women’s clothes. His father arrived unexpectedly and saw him. He stripped Rustom and started belting him repeatedly, shouting “Bakla!” over and over. After the beating his mother came downstairs, but instead of comforting her son she screamed at him to stop crying.

And then Keanna brought Rustom’s story to a grinding halt by excusing herself to pee—in the bushes.

Rustom admitted he was very confused even when he was married to Carmina (though he clarified that he really loved her). After the marriage failed, he went to the U.S. where he realized that being gay doesn’t mean he has to dress like a girl, walk with a swish, talk with a lisp, or wear make-up.

Yes, he said the “gay” word. Yes, he actually said, “I am gay.” He knew the whole nation will hear his revelation, but he pushed through with it anyway because, as he said, “Hindi naman ako masamang tao” before breaking down in tears.

If his coming out is just a ploy to make sure he stays in the PBB house (he’s one of the three nominated for eviction this weekend), it really worked. But that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me talking.

The PBBCE staff speculates that Rustom must have felt the mariposa was his (now) late father’s spirit visiting him. Interestingly, the word mariposa, which is Spanish for “butterfly,” is also a Spanish profanity for “faggot” or a male prostitute.

Alright Mariah, it’s your cue to sing.

(cut to Mariah, singing)

Spread your wings and prepare to fly,
for you to become a butterfly….

I knew you'd be on top of this ehehehe

Guess it was time for you to move out of X company, I hope things will be better with your new job :D Good luck!
Hoy, to set the record straight--straight daw o!--that mariposa was never planted nor was it a trained butterfly. And it wasn't a CGI either.
Rustom had nothing to lose when he made that public admission.
Ay, ang ganda! Nagladlad na si Rustom! Sayang, hindi na siya cute like he was during his pre-Carmina days. Hehehehe...
Hi there!
Although coming out on tv most likely saved Rustom from getting kicked out of the house, I think thats not his intention. I personally know him. He was taking classes at UCLA when I was a student there. He went to one of the gay discussion groups on campus... thats where I met him. He opened up to me and told me his story...I'm very happy that he finally came out and by doing it when he was still on the show, he definitely helped out in the visibility of gay Filipinos. Check out my blog for more...
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