Wednesday, March 08, 2006


When I Googled my name (got the idea from another blog), I came across a blog entry from a former officemate of mine from the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Her blog entry dated 15 Oct. 2004 talked about her joining our department around 1991:

“We were welcomed into the fold of what was then known as the Coordinating Center for Dramatic Arts by Joel… (she goes on to name the rest of the group).

Joel was the calm one, patiently teaching us how to survive the maze that is the CCP. A man whose brain I will always admire, I was greatly saddened when he had to resign from the CCP before the festival kicked off. This man has been there physically for every festival – supporting us by watching shows.”

There’s something heartening and patently unnerving about reading how other people see you—especially people whom you weren’t really that close to (she was a co-worker for several months before I resigned and moved to AM radio). On the one hand it’s flattering. On the other you ask, “Is that it?” and wish for more.

I guess I should just be thankful I made enough of an impact on her that she wrote about me in her blog.

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