Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I’ve made my decision. I’ve chosen among the options already.

I hope you had the self respect to choose the high road
Err... hmmm.

(pause for effect)

Ahihihihihihi. ;-)
Choose Option 2 Joel
sayang....na-late ako mag respond bago ka nag decide sa options. Anyway..my first reaction is : Ha? Buhay si Xander???? 'musta na dude???

My second reaction is : Ha? May na-attract kay Joel??? hahaha. joke.

Going back to your options Joel, I hope you chose Option two.

RANDY: Actually, I'm more partial to option 3, the Cherie Gil option. No explosions or gun shots, just histrionics and a chance to slap someone in the fez.
ratatatatat! kaboom! crash! splat! blood! intestines! gore! kill kill kill!

howdy randy. i am obviously bored.

so mcvie, have you done #3 before or is this the 1st time you'll try it out?

XANDER: I've done #3 to so many guys so many times in the past in my head I'm practically a virtual expert on doing a Cherie Gil.
You are sooo funny Jewel. * sigh *
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