Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day

Technically it’s my first day in the office today.

I have a temporary laptop assigned to me. Good thing it’s temporary. It’s a PC, but I’ll eventually get a Power Book. Yes, a Mac! McVie wants a Mac and so he can call it “MacVie.” Mwhahaha.

We’re on the 20th floor. My desk faces the window. I can see Makati Medical Center. I hear they serve great siopao in their canteen. Hmmm. I always hold siopao from hospitals and eateries near funeral parlors suspect.

After almost 6 years in broadcasting, I’m back in advertising. I’m excited but also scared—a bit. It’s good to be running scared, I think. Means I don’t want to just coast along.

Met my creative team already—all straight men, no cute ones. Good—I hate distractions. I’d rather be distracted by cute boys from the call centers. Unfortunately, I only saw one, and I don’t think he’s a call boy.

Talk about first day funk. Hehehe.

New job? Congrats!
out of topic:

I think I saw you infront of Citiland in Boni. U are in a white SUV if i remember it right. Ikaw kaya yun?
Break a leg Joel! =)

- Randy (yes, The Randy!) hehehe.

MONSILICIOUS: I don't think that was me. My SUV is silver, and I've no reason to go to Citiland in Boni. (Unless it was night and you mistook silver for white, plus you saw me stuck in traffic just in front of Citiland.)

RANDY: Oh. My. God. Nabuhay ka. So, kamusta naman ang mga rendezvous mo sa mga hotel sa Ortigas?
you mean my RANDYzvous? hehehehe...nothing materialized of course. all bark and no bite here.

How's Leigh Valera and Prof. Daniel / Daniela dey Luis? =)
Uhmmm... and who is this Anonymous?
sorry...its RANDY. =)

- Randy
You are SOOO back, Randy. Why the hiatus?
You are sooo evasive, Joel. Why not answer my questions? =)

- Randy
hahahhaha wow our favorite flirty guy Randy is back hahahah!

good luck on your new job, Joel!
You are sooo evasive, Randy. Why not answer my question?

Answers to your question can be found throughout The McVie Show Seasons 3&4. Gudlak.
Wow...statue Nelz???? (pa first name basis kay Mr. Agustin). hahahaha... how are you parekoy? Who is that "other guy" na nga who kept on insisting that we eyeball? The one who lives in LAguna? and the one you are referring to when you said.."wish us good luck" hahahahaha.

Joel, clue naman what month/s of season 3 and 4 about Leigh Valera and Daniel dey Luis?

- Randy
Ah, nah. You just have to wade through the episodes. Kaya nga sinabi ko sa iyo "gudlak" imbes na "wish you luck" mwhahahaha.

There IS an easier way, though: tit for tat. Answer my question.
ayan na ang kulitan heheheh

well Randy, the answers to your questions (i.e. the guy from laguna, and the other guy that i supposedly wished good luck) are in the previous episodes of the McVie Show.... You have no choice but to wade through them hehe

I'm OK, still in Canada, coming to Pinas in July. What about you? What have you been doing?
Nelz, wow... is that your latest pic? you don't look a day over 25 to me...Marriage Becomes You. Hope to see you this July with Norms...(naki Norms daw!).

Joel, I know na the Kervs. Where is he now? And the rest of your "friends"? (Leigh, Daniel/la, Zeki (?), the alabang guy (yung chubby at "down to earth" [ meaning, hindi matangkad])

It would be interesting for you to blog "Where are they now"...about your past friends, lovers, officemates, blogmates..etc. and what you learned from them...(uyyyy...deep!) hahahaha.

As for me, I was out of the country na walang internet..(meron pa ba nun??) Clue...Letter Z (az in Zudan, Zuriname, Zri Lanka) =)

I think we should finally meet up Joel...what do you think? =)
Zimbabwe, Zaire, Zambia... hmmm! They really had a brilliant idea to throw you out there, hehehe.

Meet up? Yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see you.
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