Thursday, March 23, 2006

Adjust Able

First week adjustment at work is all about letting go of your comfort zones. I now have to wake up earlier than usual; however, I get to go home earlier than usual too. Driving time is longer and I have to get to know my new routes better—when is traffic heaviest, where are the bottlenecks, etc. Different gym means different program, different crowd. Different place of work means different places to go to eat. It’s the disruption of the old routine to make way for a new one.

That’s what’s most difficult right now—learning to adjust to the new. Then again, I’ve always been versa—oops, I mean flexible.

* * * * *

Yesterday was my first day at Fitness First, but it was only today that I got to meet my personal trainer. Well, he will be if I choose to get him to do me, err, my program. Hehehe. He tested my over-all physical condition—sort of like a physical examination without the stripping and the showing of ass to see if one has hemorrhoids. He’s cute in a fresh-out-of-physical-therapy-course, with matching eyeglasses and an aw-shucks demeanor. He’s tall, dark and needing a client who’ll pay 700+ pesos per training session. Ugh. If I’m going to pay him that much, can he at least hold my hand and look longingly into my eyes as he pumps me, err, as he makes me pump iron? Then again, 700+ may be too small for “extra services.”

This Saturday he will be giving me my first program and guiding me through it. Based on my test my body fat ratio is at an acceptable level, my heart rate excellent but my physical flexibility is poor.

Well, well, well. The spirit is flexible, but the flesh is stiff.

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