Monday, February 06, 2006

Take Two?

Aha! Are the people behind Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition playing safe? Are they just getting celebrity versions of the housemates in the first season of PBB? To wit:

Mich Dulce looks like she’s going to be the “Ate Raquel” of this batch. She may turn-off her fellow housemates with her quirky personality.

Will Zanjoe Marudo, the hunky model, be one of the early evictees just like Rico?

Depending on whether he’ll be pasaway or not, Budoy Marabiles can either be the next Franzen or the next Jason.

This batch’s Sam seems to be split into two: while John Prats has the advantage of looks (but not the height), Rico Robles of RX93.1 is the Inglesero of the group (and he’s not that bad-looking either).

Commander Nene may meet her physical match in Gretchen Malalad, 3-time karate gold medalist in the SEA Games.

Will kolehiyala Roxane Barcelo be the next Say?

Cebuana Angela Calina may give Cass a run for her Bisaya accent.

Notorious Chx may look pretty tame beside Keanna Reeves or Aleck Bovick.

And unlike Uma, will Rustom Padilla admit, ummm, you know? Hmmm?

No one can argue with success. In Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition, did success breed repetition? Will success be repeated? Will there be another stampede? Anyway, we’ll see in the next 50+ days.

We have three "People like Us" on board PBB:


may aamin kya??? abangan.
HASTYDEVIL: Really, Rico and Zanjoe are PLU? (Notice, I didn't bother including Rustom, mwhahaha!) How true? Do tell, do tell!

Meanwhile, I don't expect any of them to admit publicly, if they are hoping to cash in on their PBB stint afterwards. The successful publicly-out perfromers are mostly comedians, usually of the stand-up kind.

Then again, we may be in for a surprise.
Inay. Bakit ang pangit na ni Rustom? He looks emaciated. Somebody make that boy eat! He used to be so cute.
FRIED-NEURONS: Ay naku, sinabi mo pa! Payatola khomeni ang sister natin. Some say drugs; others say too much south beach diet. I say, "Rustom, the waif look is sooo yesterday!"
the waif look is soooo 1993 kamo hehe

but yeah he was really cute before, pre-Carmina....
bagay kay rustom ang ganyang weight, he looks younger. i see he has a very big...

adam's apple.
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