Monday, February 20, 2006

Swoon Milby

So yesterday I indulged my inner jologs and watched Close To You, the Star Cinema and Close-Up co-production. I’ve always liked John Lloyd, and Bea is, well, Bea. The two are a relaxed, comfortable love team to watch. Both are pleasing to the eye, albeit Bea tends to be high-strung at times. But they’re not exactly the reason why I watched the film.

It’s Sam Milby. Oh Sam, Sam, Sam! The director was wise enough to maximize his strengths (killer pa-cuteness) while keeping the acting demands within his range. The result? Why, the boy looks like he could act! Plus his pa-cute scenes were unusual in their restraint: instead of lingering on his face while doing the lost-puppy look, the camera would cut away a second before it became cloying. Still, watch out for his “Good night!” scene with Bea at the Dumaguete hotel—I swear I got a nosebleed watching him in that scene.

John Lloyd and Bea are a very solid love team, so to make the movie work Sam had to play a guy who could really be a threat to the two. His character comes off as being too good to be true, but hey, the whole movie is a walk on the fantasy side. Plus he gets to wear a sando which he later takes off to reveal his torso. Unnecessary, yes. Gratuitous? Oh puh-leez, let’s not be so Pauline Kael here! Besides, Bohol was featured prominently in the movie, so to me that deserves a B (for biased).

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