Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jurassic Park

Quezon Circle during Holy Week, especially Good Friday, during the late 90s. Back then the QC government allowed the park guards to go on leave during the Holy Week (cost-cutting, I guess). That turned the whole place into Jurassic Park, with velociraptors and other meat-eating predators lurking under trees and within shadows. The gates were open for anyone to enter, the lights were mostly switched off (except for a lamp post or two), and there so many places where miracles of the unholy kind could take place.

I remember a particular spot near the restaurant area. There were two huge old trees there—one had huge roots where guys could sit next to each other and blow each other off; the other’s trunk was tilted sideways, making it a convenient “bench” where guys could hang around. The whole area was shrouded in darkness as there were no lamps nearby. It was a perfect place for an orgy or a circle jerk. True enough, that particular Good Friday there were around 10-15 guys milling around the area. There was a group of around 6-7 watching a threesome in the thick of things; some of the viewers would fondle one another while watching. Then there was another group by the other tree; there it was more of a circle jerk. Guys would switch from one group to the other. Once in a while newcomers would chance upon the scene; some recoiled in horror, some stayed and watched, and some even joined in. There was an unspoken agreement to keep silent; people’s voices rarely rose above a whisper, and the moans and groans were hushed, furtive. I must say it added to the excitement, like there was a chance we’d be caught. But by who? There were no guards or police around.

I remember a particular individual who really got into the thick of things—he was almost completely naked, his shirt stuffed into his pants’ back-pocket, his jeans and briefs pulled down to his ankles. He was being fucked by guys one after the other, with no protection whatsoever. While he kept his ass up and open for rear-entry, his mouth was very busy blowing guys off. I tell you, he makes one hell of a factory worker, his mouth and ass as efficient as an assembly line.

Nowadays the Circle is well-lit and well guarded, even during Holy Week. A few minutes before midnight a voice over the public address system gently reminds visitors of the closing time. And when the clock strikes twelve, the gates are closed and locked.

Jurassic Park is once again quarantined.

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