Monday, February 27, 2006


I’m not too keen on this particular quiz because I find the questions too simplified, they don’t take into account nuances. Then again, it’s just an online quiz.

All-Around Smart

You are all-around smart. Essentially, that means that you are a good combination of your own knowledge and experience, along with having learned through instruction - and you are equally as good with theoretical things as you are with real-world, applied things. You have a well-rounded brain.

20% applied intelligence
20% learned intelligence

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I also got Street Smart--but I'm within the blue area. 40% applied intelligence, 60% learned.

Feeling ko tuloy prosti hehe
Nelz, kung nasa blue area ka, hindi ba "socially smart" yun?
Sorry, I'm in the light blue section. Color-blind yata ako--tingin ko dun sa Socially Smart purple :D
Either ako ang color-blind (most probably) or there's something wrong with my monitor. :-)
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