Friday, February 24, 2006

Coup Kuro-kuro

It’s that time of the year again.

As consistent as Christmas, there’s another coup attempt/mass protest/destabilization action on-going in Metro Manila. Earlier this morning two military officers were arrested, purportedly heads of a coup attempt. Now diverse groups are converging in the EDSA Shrine, with different agenda, different views, all wanting the same thing—that they get what they want via people power. The government had suspended all levels of classes early this morning; now they’ve declared a state of emergency.

These always happen during the later part of February. It’s that blasted EDSA Revolution anniversary—people use it as an excuse to push their agenda onto the people. I agree with the Time magazine article about people power. The Filipinos’ gift to the world has worked for everyone else except for us. Back in 1986 we had the ball in our court—and we dropped it along the way. I wonder when we’ll snap out of this vicious national cycle we’re in. If I look at places like Bohol or Marikina, it’s clear to me that Filipinos are able to govern themselves properly on a local level. It’s when things go national that we freak out.

Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for top management to declare it a half-day for us. Then it’s mall-time for me!

hi joel! off-topic: looking forward to seeing u at work. i start march 1st. :))
REALLY? Where? I mean, which division or department?
ipost. they might toggle me between graphics and compositing. :) that is, if these guys stop marching the streets everytime somebody farts. :(
Don't worry: unless GMA declares martial law and shuts down all tv stations, life in broadcasting will always go on.
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