Thursday, February 16, 2006

10 Things to Keep In Mind re Brokeback Mountain

1. The film is very subdued. It makes its points without underlining them or bashing you on the head with them.
2. All this awards-hype is actually detrimental to the film because it raises viewers’ expectations unfairly.
3. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are way too good-looking to be cowboys.
4. Aside from Jake and Heath, there are no other good looking men in Texas and Wyoming. Or even in Mexico.
5. Heath’s mumbling makes Method Actor Marlon Brando eloquent in comparison.
6. Inquiring minds wanna know: did Ennis and Jack do it doggie-style throughout the years?
7. Jake’s a bottom! (Or so we wish.)
8. Anne Hathaway’s wigs are Madonna’s hand-me-downs.
9. Jake leaning on his truck in a come-hither pose. Fifty fuckin’ points!
10. Unlike most gay movies, this one doesn’t have any finger-snapping, sharp wit or the phrase “You go, girl!” Like most gay movies, one of the gay characters dies in the end.

no spoon feeding 'mommy i want an ending a 5 year old can understand' and yeah, this is a good movie without the fireworks usually attributed to gay films.
LOL@Anne Hathaway's wigs!
NELZ: Di ba?! I can imagine it already...

MADONNA: "This wig's too blonde for 'Hung Up' video! And can we get something less big?"

HAIRDRESSER: (to assistant) "Give this to the 'Brokeback' crew!"
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