Monday, January 09, 2006

From Baguio To Bohol

From the boondocks to the beach; that’s where we were the last two weeks. I was with my family the whole time. Two weeks with your mother can wreck havoc on your physique. Mothers never believe you when you tell them that you’re full. They always assume you’re still hungry. Then they order extra food and insist you finish it.

All I did was eat, sleep and read (driving to and from and around Baguio doesn’t really count). Over the holidays I bought four books by Gregory Maguire: “Wicked,” “Son of a Witch,” “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” and “Lost.” Plus my boss’ gave me as a Christmas gift Mark Rowlands’ “Everything I Know I Learned from TV”. I brought “Wicked,” “Witch” and “TV” to Bohol where I plowed through the books and rich holiday food. So now I’m several inches thicker on the waist and two books done; I’ve finished a third of “Witch.” I though I was going to have more fun with the Maguire books. But Rowlands’ philosophy book turned out to be a joyful surprise. It’s as if Plato and Socrates were reincarnated as writers for Entertainment Weekly; more on that in a latter episode.

Meanwhile I’m back at my desk in the office playing catch-up with the real world.

happy new year sad bai!!!!
hmmm i was planning to buy "wicked." was it any good?
NELZ: I'll talk about it in a separate entry. :-)
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