Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bagong Taon Ay Mag Bagong Buhay… Part 2 lumigaya ang ating bayan.

* * * * *

Jan. 06, it was all over the news. Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon underwent a third round of brain surgery after suffering a stroke. Jan. 06 is also the birthday of Megastar Sharon Cuneta. So I sent an SMS message to the biggest Sharonian I personally know, my friend Eve.

SMS message: My god, have you heard the news? Na-stroke si Sharon. I just saw the news on TV.

After about a minute my phone rang.

Eve: “Talaga?” I could hear shock, fear, disbelief and genuine concern in his voice. The Megastar would have been mega-touched.

McVie: “Yeah. It’s all over the news. Nasa surgery na nga eh.”

Eve: “News? Saan? Wala pa…”

McVie: “Sa CNN.”

A pause; obviously something was amiss.

Eve: “Ay shet ka talaga….” But there was a smile in his voice.

McVie: “Totoo! Si Prime Minister Sharon ng Israel, na-stroke!”

Eve was laughing out loud as he repeated, “Shet ka talaga! Shet ka talaga! Shet ka talaga!”

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